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Posted on 26 Mar 2019 21:00 in インドビジネス by Yoko Deshmukh

I am crossing my fingers that someday we will be surrounded by a full range of Bemberg stylish sarees.

Have you heard of the fabric called "Bemberg"?

It is a trademarked material of Asahi Kasei Fibers & Textiles SBU, which is a regenerated fibre made from cotton linter and widely applied to many types of clothing in Japan. You may find the detail specifications here.

Bemberg - Asahi Kasei

In fact, it is called the "traditional synthetic fibre" in Japan, and Asahi Kasei is trying to make a big entry in the Indian traditional clothing market for the comfort and easy handling features are the best suited for sarees and dupattas.

Reference: 旭化成の伝統化繊、インド女性の心をつかむ - Toyo Keizai Article issued on 11th June 2017 "Asahi Kasei's Traditional Synthetic Fibre Grabs The Hearts of Many Women in India"

According to the article, the Bemberg factory in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan had been in full operation fuelled by the surging demands from India. Therefore, being a curious consumer recently passionate about sarees myself, I researched the internet for "Bemberg Saree," "Bemberg Textiles," etc.

However, unfortunately, what all I have found were a couple of not-so-cool products claiming "made of Bemberg," absolutely not attractive to me with their overpriced prices, and a few articles. 

Japan to help city process India's first Bemberg silk fabric - Times of India

Bemberg Fabric Manufacturers And Suppliers Surat - Textile Infomedia 

So-called Bemberg sarees on Amazon.co.in
*Unfortunately, only two products hit for the search "Bemberg" on Flipkart.

Thankfully, my friend in Tokyo Su-san (@su3surya) informed me that she knew two retailers who were possibly using Bemberg (but not for saree) after her inquiry to Asahi Kasei for "Made in Japan" sarees in about two years ago. Out of which, one company seems to be already out of business,  but only "Anita Dongre" remains.

Anita Dongre - Asahi Kasei identified company seemingly using Bemberg

However, again, I am not able to find "Bemberg" in their specifications. 

On the other hand, as an overnight saree enthusiast recently purchased a couple of really stylish sarees from the leading online brands like Chidiyaa and Suta, and also a retailer like iTokri, I am constantly looking up Instagram seeking for the modern saree coordinates, such as hashtags "#saristyles" "#thesariseries" "#sarisunday." As a result, I am coming to be truly overwhelmed by how people think of unimaginably innovative ways of dressing up with their sarees and feel that the sky is the limit for the latest saree fashion. 

With the above in mind, I strongly believe Bemberg saree should catch the big trend wave in grandeur and sophisticated way! Particularly, how about for the likes of the following Amrita Thakur's saree dress?

View this post on Instagram

A stitched sari is a convenient option for those of us that aren’t entirely comfortable carrying off a regular sari. Our frill sari from my label @amritathakurofficial is a current favourite and why wouldn’t it be- you literally have to slip it and zip it!! I love the cascading back, the drama and the ease of this outfit. It’s my ticket to a fuss free and fabulous night. I’ve paired an old gold necklace with it but Jewelery is really up to you to play around with. If you’d like to see this and more, then I’ll be showing my label @amritathakurofficial at @bridalasia on the 2nd and 3rd of March in New Delhi, at the Ashoka hotel. Look forward to seeing you guys there . . . . . #amritathakur #sticthedsari #frillsari #sarilove #cocktailnight #wiw #ootd #ootn #weddingseason #festiveedit #bridalasia

A post shared by Amrita Thakur (@amrita_thakur) on


I am eagerly wishing to see more and more Bemberg sarees to come in the market. 

Besides, since my brief research on the web, such as Amazon.co.in, showed a higher price standard, I naturally thought the textile was targeting to the middle-class or upper-middle-class income people. However, after they make successful entry to the wide range of semi-high end sarees that many of them can afford, the versatility and usability should eye for those who use sarees as their work attire. 

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