Buddhagaya, the Ultimate Destination for Peace of Mind


Posted on 17 Oct 2018 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

Cool October breeze in Buddhagaya gently blew my mind and soul.

I must confess with being ashamed of myself that I had not had a strong consciousness and genuine interest of being a Buddhist or in Buddhism till recently. For a lazy person myself, who is lacking knowledge in everything, visiting Buddhagaya was a part of extended tourism.

However, something has changed in me since I made to the Mahabodhi Tree where Lord Buddha enlightened. The way too tinier than I had anticipated, the bodhi tree emitted an ethereal glow that lit up my mind, and I felt like I was led to find out the true self of being a Buddhist and even the significance of my existence. 

Mahabodhi Temple stands amidst the dusty townscape, where immediately outward is an overwhelming Hindu world in the middle of a harsh condition of Bihari countryside towns. Nevertheless, sitting in the temple premises, one can feel specific, pure tranquillity among the silent pilgrims in all races came from all over the world. 

It was as if a crisp October breeze blew in Buddhagaya, some slightest inspiration came into my subconscious and stirred my spirit. I felt a subtle force inside me. If I dare to describe what exactly happened in words, it was something made me strongly understand that living life means nothing but savouring the moment. Nothing close to this kind of feeling had ever occurred to me in my life until then. Visiting Buddhagaya at this stage of my life was thus correct. 

I wished my late father could have made it to Buddhagaya when he was alive. 

I hardly spotted a Japanese tourist during our stay, but many Thai and Myanmar pilgrims. 

Next time when I am here, I want to extend my trip to other pilgrimage places, including Lumbini in Nepal, where Lord Buddha was born, and Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, where he entered nirvana. 

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