A Solo Trip to "Nine Hours," Spacecraft for Urban Travelers in the Heart of Fukuoka


Posted on 22 Nov 2019 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

The capsule hotels are also evolving in recent years, and I enjoyed the stay this time.

I have found this convenient and minimal place of a night stay, possibly a better option for all party people coming from the suburban areas of Fukuoka. Because, don't you feel reluctant to run to catch the last train of the day after indulging in the gallons of beers and drinks, particularly this bounen-kai (year-end party) season? "Nine Hours" is the new concept of capsule hotel chain mushrooming in all the convenient locations in Japan. In Fukuoka, it's located right above the Fukuoka City Subway station Nakasu Kawabata. 

9h ninehours - Nakasu Kawabata Station
*See the video on the top page to gain a clearer idea of how does the inside look.


This month I booked a room (or a capsule) for a few nights for trial, and I was overall happy and comfortable during the stay, for the following reasons:

- Clean and well maintained, modern premises
- Efficient and supportive staff
- Language independent; the pictorial indications on the floor clearly explain each function in the premises
- The bathroom floor finish is the diatomite ceramics tiles; it always feels dry, clean, and fresh
- The pod (bed) is small and cozy enough to sleep tight

Every night before entering "the pod" area, I would finish my work at a PC counter beside the reception. Some folks were sitting at a large lounge couch to talk on the phone (as you must keep silence inside.) Each guest is given a kit of rental amenities, including towels (bath, face, and even the bath mat), nightwear, and a pair of room slippers. Shampoo and body wash bottles, and an ample number of hairdryers are also available for use.

One funny thing I felt, if I may, was that looking at all guests dressing in the same black sweatsuit rent by the premises and moving around, I felt as if I was in a female prison. 

Nine Hours capsule hotels are available in Tokyo (10 locations,) Osaka (2 locations,) Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai, apart from Fukuoka. The lastly yet, most importantly, I book the pod on the online hotel booking website, like Agoda, so the per-night price was sometimes as low as around 2,000 yen. 

9h ninehours

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