Suffering From Pet Loss? Sometimes, Books Can Heal You


Posted on 14 Nov 2018 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Missing Taco-chan so much, I see him in dreams.

Since the day we lost our beloved miniature dachshund mix, Taco-chan, I have seen many people have looked up my page for some reasons. Partly, I think it's probably the sign indicating that many similar souls are grieving over the loss of their pet family members. 

It's been just past a week since Taco-chan left us. According to the Buddhism custom, we have completed "sho-nanoka," meaning the first seven days after the spirit departed from the body. Obviously, I still feel like if I call Taco-chan, he appears from around the corner of the room merrily, wagging his tail and jump on my lap. He was my best friend, teacher, philosopher, and for my mother, a good life partner, especially after my father passed away. 

I was too sad and suffocated, deeply depressed by missing our dearest Taco-chan since last week. I felt a deep heart pain. Siddharth and my friends helped me heal from that worst mental state. At the same time, by reading those books written by people who also dealt with the massive pet losses worked for me. Just by Google searching suggested me a couple of options. I hope you would find the right one from the options.

Pet Loss - Google Books

I read some of the following Japanese books, which Taco-chan's memorial hall recommended me.

またね、富士丸。 -   

ペットの声が聞こえたら (HONKOWAコミックス) -

If you had a pooch lived for 15 years long, then quite a significant part of our life had been filled with it, and so the sense of losses becomes equal to that of any other family members as it preoccupies our memory at every life stage looking back.

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