Goodbye, My Dearest Friend Taco-chan


Posted on 06 Nov 2018 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Taco-chan just about three days ago, when he was still lively and energetic.

Our beloved doggy family member in Fukuoka, named Taco-chan, passed away this early morning on 6th November 2018, due to a sudden attack of hepatitis followed by a series of epilepsies. He lost his consciousness in the last hours of his life and not responding to any of our calls and caresses. Poor boy went to heaven in a blink of eyes.

I came back to Fukuoka early this winter especially for him, as the city hall in my mother's town hosted an award ceremony for long-living pet animals of 15, 18, and 20 years old, which honourably included Taco-chan. 

For about ten days since them, I saw he was happy, cheerful, and relatively energy after welcoming me warmly, would chase after me everywhere I went as always. But suddenly, he has gone. Mum and I are very sad and crying. Perhaps, it was his call for me to come back to Fukuoka at this timing of the year; otherwise, I won't during Diwali. How tiny, frail, yet sweet he looked seeing him lied in the small coffin at the animal cemetery.

He was the most adorable 15-year-old black and brown miniature dachshund mix. 

It was my late father who saved Taco-chan from being "disposed of," because nobody wanted him. When he came and started living with my parents, he was already two. Since then for 13 years, he gave unconditional love to my parents, mentally supported and being a good friend to my mother after my father had passed away, and eventually, extended his affection to the occasional visitors like Siddharth and me. 

Taco-chan, immediately after my father passed away in late 2011.
I was very worried about him as he had been low for a while.


In recent years, however, Taco-chan was getting weaker. Gradually, he lost his confidence in doing many things he used to do. His eyes were utterly cloud by cataract, and I doubted how well he could see, but still, he would heal me by always looking straight up at me. I learned from him the power of love. 

I still hear his footsteps, his snoring, his sneezing, and his breathing. His warmth and weight remain on my laps and the touch of his smooth hair in my hands.

After the sad demise of Taco-chan, I also remembered my old pal Toko-tin, who had died in August 2009. It was one of my motives of starting Twitter.

I miss Taco-chan very much. May his soul rest in peace. 


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