Wishing Pad Man Santa To Bring The Most Innovative Sanitary Panties from Japan


Posted on 03 Nov 2018 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Found another innovative product in Japan, I wish we could access it in India also.

A couple of weeks ago, I encountered the following tweet, introducing the product that is possibly one of the most reliable types of the solution for women's period. 


It's a pair of disposable shorts made of non-woven fabric, which has an in-built giant-sized sanitary pad (48 cm) thereon for the maximum protection.

Image: Amazon.co.jp

Yes, it looks like an adult diaper, and trust me, it's very comfortable! I tried to search if we have any way to purchase it in India, and hey, Amazon.in, could you please do something about the price!? It shows 1,935 rupees after "discount"!! 

Kao Laurier Speed+ Ultra-Absorbent Guard Sanitary Panties - 5 Panties - Amazon.in

For your information, the original distribution price in Japan is just about 300~350 rupees.

ロリエ 超吸収ガード 安心ショーツ 5コ入 - Amazon.co.jp

As she introduced in the manga, not only for the good night sleep, but it is useful for the situation you cannot change the pad for a long time for several reasons, such as on the flight, in a movie theatre, during your road trip, and at the time of being evacuated from the disaster. 

Dear Pad Man Santa, please make an affordable alternative of this pad panties for us in India this Christmas!

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