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All those grandeur preparations and people's excitement reminded me of Ganesha Festival in Pune.

Have you heard of the festival called Hakata Gion Yamakasa, the most significant festival in Fukuoka held in every summer between 1st and 15th July?

According to Fukuoka Now, a unique, entertaining, and informative English language Fukuoka-focused web portal; "Yamakasa can be traced back 778 years" "to "keep the epidemic away, slowly evolving into the festival it is today." In modern time, it requires "the enormous work" and thus comes in the time of the final Oiyama race, the "highlight of the festival kicks off at exactly 4:59 am on July 15 when thousands of men from seven districts race through the streets carrying decorative one-ton floats." Public transportations run on the special schedule in the morning of 15th to accommodate people of commuting. Sounds exciting! Read the full story of the history, order, process, and custom of Yamakasa from the link below.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Guide 2019 - Fukuoka Now

On last Saturday, my friend A-san and I strolled around to spot the kazari-yama (decorative floats) displayed in the different parts of central Fukuoka city. Coincidentally, we encountered the children's version of small-scale Yamakasa at Kawabata-dori shopping arcade too. Here are some of the pictures and video I took that day and the following day. Hope you will enjoy a bite of one of our most exciting events in town!

Our walk had started at JR Hakata Station.

Hashiru kazariyama at Kawabata-dori shopping avenue from the distance.

Overwhelmingly giant.

The sign says, "this Yamakasa enshrines the Goshintai, the object of worshipping,
and so you may not touch it without duly reasons

"Hashiru kazariyama starts running at 4:35 AM on 12th and 5:35 AM on 15th."

Another angle.

By Hakata River Rain building.

In IMS shopping complex.

Explaining the legend behind the creation.

The advantage of being in IMS is..

We can view the float not only from 360 degrees angles but also from high.

Can you see the staircases?

They are three sea gods.

My favourite coffee shop on the 5th floor of Daimaru department store,
UCC Cafe Comfort.

You can enjoy an exquisite view from here.

Children Version of Yamakasa Pulling on 6th July


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