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Posted on 16 Jan 2019 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

I cannot thank enough to the Team Nandhini for their smooth and friendly operations.

After seeing the great success of Fukuoka version of International Tea Party, I came to think of this idea; when I want to meet as many friends as possible in the limited time available as well as connecting them each other, it would be a good idea to host it in Tokyo as well. So, here we go, the International Tea Party Tokyo edition at the South Indian restaurant Nandhini happened on 13th January 2019.

Nandhini - Tabelog

My high school alumnus and a good friend T-chan had just come back to Tokyo from his first trip to Hyderabad, India. So I thought of that it would have been a common interest among some of us who were Japani Mahishmathians (fans of S.S. Rajamouli's superhit movie "Baahubali") for meeting T-chan and listening to his fascinating story of all the adventure he made.  

Later, it had become like other alumni also wanted to meet him, and so the size of the group had kept growing up, and as a result, total around 20 people gathered at Nandhini, in spite of the initial estimate of 15. 

The highlight for me was to request autographs for me to Tenjiku Kitan-san, who is an Indian mythology scholar and has recently published her new book, and Shironeko-san, who actively creates unique manga works upon Baahubali.

The latest work by Tenjiku-san
「いちばんわかりやすい インド神話」(Amazon)

Shironeko-san's Baahubali featured manga

On that day, Su-san who visited us to Fukuoka in the year-end, and her friends Choji-san and S-san, who is from Satara for learning Japanese in Tokyo, were the first people arrived Nandhini (even before us!) in the freezing cold weather. Shortly after them, Y-san and A-san, both had been students in Pune years ago, joined them (so, I must confess we were not the first people at the venue.) 

I thank Miki Takahashi-san and Haruka Ota-san, both are artists, and had been working profoundly to warm up Baahubali fever in Japan since the adolescent period, also took out their time and participated in the party, without caring much about not knowing me personally. 

Lastly and most importantly, Y-san, who had lived in Pune with her husband for about five years and kept inspiring me during her days, also came and added the vibe to the event.

However, I must personally apologise to Nandhini and everyone in the event for leaving the place at around 20 o'clock for I had an immediate appointment after that. I even didn't collect the litters I produced, and it's a shame of me.  

I selected Nandhini after seeking advice from Masaki Kobayashi-san, the owner of the famous Asia Hunter.

Asia Hunter - Facebook

Nandhini produced not only the best South Indian Meals but also the exemplary operations. I found no Japanese in the team that day, yet they were super efficient in handling everyone's order and billing also. Thanks to them, I did not have to worry a bit and could enjoy talking with people as an organiser. Conclusion: the prestigious restaurant in town is top-notch in flavours and management both. I am entirely grateful to Nandhini.

Whenever I am in Japan, I want to continue hosting such occasion as Tea Party, where people, regardless to their position, status, background, generation, or nationality, can freely and equally connect each other and exchange the opinion. 

I thank all the parties who were concerned and would like to express my sincere apology for the inconvenience and mess caused. 

Finally, I want to thank S-san, who was out of Tokyo that day but still joined us in the second party with T-chan. We three shared little in common, but even could talk every topic enthusiastically over a glass of beer or two, and from this experience, I happily learned we could make true friends no matter how old we are. 

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