Short Trip to Busan, Day 2 - China Town or Russian Town?


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Only a few foreigners in Busan we found, apart from us, looked like Russians.

Since we had arrived at Busan yesterday, the weather seems to be relatively mild here; otherwise, the weekly forecast suggests that the temperature is to drop to around minus 10 degrees Celsius towards the weekend, which reminds me of the material fact that the city is on the edge of the Eurasian continent, after all. While I prefer the freezing cold weather over the hot and sweaty tropical climate, most people in Busan snuggle themselves in the full-body type of down-jacket. 

Among other places we visited, I was overwhelmed by finding so many of the Cyrillic signboards and Russian restaurants (some are Mongolian eateries) in China Town located the right in front of Busan Station.

It is but natural for many Russian people reside in South Korea, as even Wikipedia has a particular page for the explanation.

Russians in Korea - Wikipedia

The gate of Chinatown in Busan. 
The gigantic glass-structure seen behind is the Busan Station.


School for overseas Chinese students.


Thereonward, Cyrillic signboards are flooded in the China Town!


Russian restaurant.


Bakery for Russian people?


Uzbek cuisine.


Mongolian restaurant "Ghinggis Khaan."


The street full of Cyrillic alphabet called "China Town!"
We found hardly any tourists nor locals here also. 
If it were in Japan, the town would have been bustled with the local "ethnic-food enthusiasts".


Super-fast train KTX to Seoul, where my dearest friend in my life lives.

Busan Station.


"To the shelter." Silently reminds us of South Korea's situation.


Busan Tower.


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