Turn Off the TV and Breathe Fresh Hope to Boost Your Immunity


Posted on 18 Mar 2020 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

We tend to realize what was our true wish in our life only after losing freedom.

Getting nervous by continuously hearing the television reporting the number of coronavirus outbreaks in your town and country, and associated indefinite "bans" and "closures" of the borders, air flights, public events, and commercial facilities, followed by the free-fall of the share prices in the global market? Well, when I realized that my heart started feeling slightly tight with difficulty in breathing, Siddharth suggested closing all the news channels and listen to healing music instead. I guess I was starting to get some panic attacks.

Moreover, the thought of my health broken down scared me for not being able to fulfill my professional commitments, which made me feel horrified and, at the same time, somewhat grateful. Because doesn't it mean that I had no other particular worries? 

So, I decided to change my mind, listing up to ten things that I wanted to do, and that made me feel fortunate to bring back peace of mind, of course, after closing the TV and turning on my favorite songs by Andrea Bocelli. I recommend you do the similar to relieve your anxiety. 

1. I want to play the piano for an entire day
2. I want to read a novel or two for an entire day
3. I want to watch Netflix films for an entire day
4. I want to study a long-pending subject or two for an entire day
5. I want to go on a solo trip to my dream destination for as long as I wish
6. I feel fortunate as I have jobs in my hand despite the sign of the world economic slowdown
7. I feel fortunate as I have finally passed a test and am going to work for a global company I was pursuing in the past four years
8. I feel fortunate as I have a place (office) in Pune to go after the curfew is lifted
9. I feel fortunate as I am not lonely but surrounded by the family
10. I feel fortunate to know my mother in Japan is safe and healthy

It is all due to my poor time management that restricts me from indulging in those mentioned above from 1 to 4. Anyway, these small ten items are enough to make me understand how lucky I am and how disastrous it could be if the war or conflict triggered the situation. After all, we are just asked (or ordered) to stay home.

Let's pray for the fast improvement of the situation, maintain our mental health by taking a regular walk, and think of something we can do to the people who are severely impacted by the coronavirus triggered nightmare, physically and economically. 

Our friend from Lisbon, Portugal, posted on his SNS wall a few days ago that the pandemic is the message or warning from nature to humankind. It's time for all of us to think deeply about it and to try to live ethically and thoughtfully on the earth.

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