14 Days Challenge of Do-It-Yourself Taiwanese Foot Reflexology


Posted on 05 Mar 2019 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Before doing it yourself, I advise you to take reference of proper books or consult with an expert.

Ever since I visited Bangkok last month and took foot reflexology seemingly originated from Taiwan at my favourite clinic "Ploenchit Hatthasat," I have awakened with and been fascinated by its great health benefit. According to the book "足の汚れが万病の原因だった ('All The Illness Caused By Solid Deposits On Your Sole' written by the great Taiwanese reflexologist 官有謀, the Japanese reading Kan Yubo)" it is an excellent habit to massage one's foot every day for about 30 minutes each. So, I decided to add the self-foot reflexology to my daily routine, ideally before going to bed.

Here is what I follow:
1. Stepping on the foot reflexology mat for about 20 minutes (started from 5 minutes until I get used to,) to begin with the acupuncture points connected to kidneys, bladder, and ureter to help to drain the waste accumulated in my body. 
*I brought these stepping mats from DAISO (100-yen shop) in Japan; I also found similar types of the rugs on Amazon.in)


2. Knead all left foot fingers starting from the thumb using your hand nails or the corner of the bar (ouch, it hurts!) 

(Left) Applying oil or cream on your feet and legs​​​​ is recommended.
(Right) Reflexology gets easy by using sticks or handles.

3. Massage your ankle, shin, calf, knee, and the back side of the knee (in this order.)
4. Press acupuncture points for kidneys, bladder, and ureter again. 
5. Repeat above for your right foot.
6. Finally, stretch your both ankles.
7. Take about 500 ml of Tulsi tea or non-caffein tea left to lower to the lukewarm temperature.

Now it's been about 14 days since the day I started massaging my feet, and so I want to list up what all I have gone through, including the possible "adverse" effect that is said to happen before one's health gets on the right track. 

- Extremely sleepy and tired (for about three to four days since the day one)
- Reduced stiffness of my both shoulders (without doing any other healing or exercise on them)
- Getting more focused while working
- I feel my feet and legs are much lighter than before

Master Kan pointed out in his book that to get perfectly good health, one has to continue the practice for at least several months. Wait for my following reports from now on!

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