Lesson 3-1 Signboards Are Fun!


Posted on 17 Feb 2016 23:00 in Language Exchange by Yoko Deshmukh

I copy Takayama-san's style while learning to read Devnagri, and it's real fun. It also reminds me of my young age when I kept on reading signboards on a bus and in the city with the help of my mother.

Medicines くすり

One Sunday, I was walking with Siddharth in Kalyani Nagar and he found these interesting signboards!
What are those written?
Let's try to read... 

Marathi reading:
yethe ghan
karu naka.

Dogs, please don't poo here.

いぬさん たち、
ここで トイレを
しないで ね。

(Inu-san tachi, kokode toi-re wo shinai de ne)

*Since this expression is typical so-called "Puneri" marathi, we cannot provide Hindi equivalent in our capacity ;P

Marathi reading:
Yethe kontyahi prakarchi
ghan kelyas kaydeshir
karawai keli jail.

Legal action will be taken against anyone who throws the garbage.

ここに ゴミ を すてた ひと には、
ほうてき な そち を こうじます。

(Koko ni gomi wo suteta hito niwa, houteki na sochi wo koujimasu.)

यहन किसी भी प्रकारकी
गन्दगी फैलाने वाले पैर
कानूनन कारवाही की जाएँगी |

(Yahn kisi bhi prakarki gandagi phailane wale per kanunan karewahi ki jayengi.)


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