Alcoholic Beverages and Pandemic


Posted on 28 Oct 2021 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

I feel my childhood memories of resenting drunken adults might be subliminally affecting me.

I have never suffered from acute alcoholic intoxication nor alcohol dependence syndrome, and it was fortunate. I enjoyed alcoholic beverages, such as beers and wines, only when I had a good day or wanted to relax; thus, the frequency was about once a week or lesser.

However, I still had countless horrible experiences from alcohol consumption in the past. For instance, I woke up in a toilet, vomited in a public space, suffered from a terrible hangover, missed the last train, and nearly died of dehydration the next day. I gradually realized that the alcohol and happy memories hardly link together, even though I believed drinking was fuel to the added fun.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by an all-India lockdown for several months since last March, the Indian government banned alcohol beverage sales too for a prolonged duration. In other words, I didn't drink at all for about half a year. Even after the ban was finally lifted, I never craved alcohol, unlike the people standing in a long queue in front of the wine shops across the country.

After that, I traveled to Japan at the end of last year and have been here temporarily since then. Due to a circumstance, I started visiting a clinic and taking some minor medications. That pushed me further away and wholly unchained me from the alcohol consumptions as I was afraid of the side-effect of my treatments.

Now, I often ask myself, "Do you feel like drinking alcohol?" But every time, the answer is "No," as I get headaches and nausea just by remembering the swallowing (or gulping) of the beer. Yet, I enjoy having a meal with someone who drinks in front of me; not only I wouldn't feel bad, but also I am more content than ever without alcohol in my hand. At least in my life, I won't need to drink.

In the future, I may sometimes enjoy "drinking to taste," such as premium wine that goes well with my favorite cheeses, but it seems to me that I have entirely graduated from "drinking to get drunk," and I thank COVID-19 for bringing me the awareness.

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1 10月8日、日本において新たな水際対策措置が決定され、「水際対策強化に係る新たな措置(18)」(令和3年9月27日)に基づく措置の適用に当たって、アストラゼネカから技術供与を受けてインド血清研究所が製造する「コビシールド(Covishield)」については、10月12日午前0時以降、既に日本入国時の水際防疫措置緩和の対象となっている「バキスゼブリア(Vaxzevria)筋注/アストラゼネカ(AstraZeneca)」と同一のものとして取り扱うことが決定されました。

2 ただし、本日(12日)現在、インドで発行されたワクチン接種証明書は、日本入国・帰国時の検疫措置の緩和対象ではありません。既にインドにおいてコビシールドの2回接種を完了し、インドで発行されたワクチン接種証明書をお持ちの方は御注意ください。

3 インド政府によって発行されたワクチン接種証明書の取扱いについては調整中ですので、今後変更がある場合には、改めて領事メールにてお知らせします。

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