Visiting Osaka To Meet My Niece In Law - Chapter One


Posted on 04 Nov 2019 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

The photo is taken at a maze-like Korean shopping and gourmet area of Tsuruhashi.

Immediately after arriving in Japan, I am visiting Osaka to meet my niece-in-law, who has been selected as an intern under the Japanese government scheme and joined a footwear company here for about two months since the middle of October to experience the work in Japan. She is a student learning the Japanese language from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (SPELL) in Pune, Maharashtra.

The details of the program (some quotes from the METI website)

Not only she is selected as a METI intern, but also the matching with the company is like a miracle or fortunate destiny for us. The reason is I am one of the biggest fans of their products for the past 7-8 years and using them in India as well. Of course, it is the total coincidence. 

To be continued... 

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