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Posted on 24 Jun 2017 23:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

They have branches in across Japan, from the countryside of Fukuoka to central Tokyo, except for Hokkaido.

If you are in Japan or planning to make a trip to Japan, and looking for reasonable yet uncompromising quality eatery options, ask me. I am calling myself (and only myself) "a guide to the best cost-competitive eating and drinking expert!" 

One of my favorites is this one, "Joyful" family restaurant. A family restaurant in Japan is categorized as reasonable yet option (i.e. menu)-rich places so all the family members, including the one who has to pay the bill, can happily savor the meals without worries. I know most of all types of family restaurants in and around Tokyo / Fukuoka and found that Joyful beats all. Reason? Because they even run a branch or two near Mother's house in the suburban Fukuoka, the city otherwise has very few eating options! 

My recent discovery was that at Akasaka Mitsuke branch, with the price of one mug of Premium Malt's beer (340 yen), you get yummy crunchy fried octopus (taco kara-age) free! A pleasant surprise at my last supper in Japan for a while, otherwise I would never have a chance in India to have taco!! 

Another definitive recommendation for summer is Kakigoori, shaved ice 390 yen with a scoop of ice cream. They have free wifi for overseas tourists so sit back and relax at Joyful!

I think their WINE LIST is Tokyo special.

Fried taco and Premium Malt's

Caesars Salad

My last supper for a while in Japan, shared with Siddharth.
Akasaka Mitsuke branch runs 24/7 and their prime time seemed 2jikai (after-party) hours.

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