Old Tomomura Shuzo Sake-Maker and Cruel History of Fishermen

Posted on : 19-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh

Sadly, Toyomura Shuzo no longer produces sake themselves but entrusts to other makers.

"Indigo House," A Shop House Belonged To Small Tycoon

Posted on : 18-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh

Two-story shop house once served as an indigo dyer, which was the standard and essential color of the kimono at the time.

Photo Tour to Shimbaru-Nuyama Mounded Tomb Group

Posted on : 17-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh

Including a couple of secret sites, there were much scope of imagination.

Shimbaru-Nuyama Mounded Tomb Group, The Prologue

Posted on : 16-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh

Meet Takemoto-san and say "hi" to him!

Munakata, Mounded Tombs, and Holy Clan Connected Japan and Continent

Posted on : 15-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh

Rediscovering a familiar local site is always exciting than anything else.


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Three Days, Three Observations

Posted on : 13-Nov-2017  in  ASKSiddhiのひとりごと    by Yoko Deshmukh

What do you think?

Half-day Trip to Momochi with Google Pixel 2

Posted on : 12-Nov-2017  in  ASKSiddhiのひとりごと    by Yoko Deshmukh

I took this picture thinking of Helga from Portugal who visited Fukuoka with her husband a few years ago.

安心安全な「Feel at Home」ANA便を巻き込む、空前の航空運賃競争の予感

Posted on : 10-Nov-2017  in  トラベルASKSiddhi    by Yoko Deshmukh