Finally Stepped In "Mahishmati Kingdom": Why Baahubali Is Super-hit In Japan!?


Posted on 11 Feb 2018 22:00 in エンターテインメント by Yoko Deshmukh

No doubt it was a "Class-A" entertainment over the weekend!

I have been very curious about the Telugu movie series Baahubali for a while, as my Twitter timeline has been preoccupied with Japanese people applauding, admiring and almost worshipping the King Baahubali since the end of last year. 

During my stay in Fukuoka this early Winter, "Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion" was released in Japan on 29th December 2017. Since then, I observed the movie had been gaining increasing momentum and recording a superhit. However, I missed the opportunity to go and see it in the theatre.  

So, I decided to give a try after coming back to Pune, "Baahubali 1 - The Beginning" on Saturday and "2" on Sunday this weekend. They are, yeah, magnificent and overwhelming pieces of work. Particularly, my ears are haunted by the "National Anthem of Mahishmati (the Kingdom)" all the time now.


While I still wondered why "Baahubali" series gained so much popularity in Japan after seeing them, I searched the internet and found these pages! Look at these ladies' costume at Baahubali Cosplay screening! 

インド映画『バーフバリ』のマサラ上映会が盛り上がりすぎてヤバかった! ["Masala" Screening of "Baahubali" Drove All Audiences Crazy!] 

And look at the article filled with the author's dedicated LOVE to Baahubali!

“バーフバリ 王の凱旋(Baahubali 2: The Conclusion)”を観てきました! [*Review was written by an Indian movie enthusiast who visited all the way from Japan to India in mid-2017 to see no-cut version of Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion]

Finally, I found the following movie review by a relatively neutral media.
異例のヒットとなりつつあるインド映画「バーフバリ」がとにかく強い7つの理由 [Seven Reasons of Record-High Hit "Baahubali" Winning So Much]

However, all these articles don't prominently explain "why in Japan," after all. It is said that "Baahubali" series are likely to surpass (or have already surpassed) the revenue that 1995's Rajinikanth starred "Muthu" earned in Japan. Should I have to check "Muthu" first then before analyzing the reason behind the great success...!?

Check Japanese people's Tweets tagged #バーフバリ王の凱旋 (Japanese title of "Baahubali - The Conclusion")



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