My Friend's Husband Is A Genious Chef From Indonesia


Posted on 08 Jan 2018 22:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

She is a multi-talented Odissi dancer, and he is the man who pursues the perfection in what he does!

Only in Japan, big pieces of salmon and kampachi amberjack
marinated in the rich flavor of spices dominated by lemongrass.

"I saw you liked, so he cooked these for you today," as she handed me over two packets of homemade food prepared by her Indonesian husband. She is referring to the local Balinese dishes they gave me about 1.5 years ago.

やはりスパイス命!おいしいインドネシア家庭料理をごちそうになって - ASKSiddhi

He made two spicy fish dishes this time, one using salmon and another was kampachi amberjack. The flavor of spices was apparently different from Indian ways. First, the aroma of lemongrass tickles my nostrils and wakes the sense of taste. Then the tender and suckle fish pieces bring umami full flavor. 

While I have not had many opportunities to visit Indonesian restaurants so far, those fish dishes tasted so unique to me. And it triggers okawari, second-serve, unlimitedly! Also, after four hours of enjoying the meal, I still have comfortable warmth in my stomach. 

Sincere thanks to M-san and my thoughtful friend A-san, and hope he will open his restaurant in Fukuoka someday!

Salmon's "innovation."


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