Traveled All Around India on Motorbike: Photographer Masashi Mitsui In Fukuoka


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I always learn the chemistry of passion and professionalism from Mitsui-san, because his theme is always my India.

*Nepal Ice Beer at Maithiigar

On 28th May 2017, a photographer Masashi Mitsui, who had recently completed his fifth journey to India, was in Fukuoka for his workshops themed his photographs taken en route his tour in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. 

Especially during his trip inside India, he chooses his mode of transportation in the entire course a motorcycle, and he purchases his "buddy" at the origin of the journey, which is Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. On the other hand, he traveled all over Japan on a cycle-rickshaw he brought from Bangladesh in 20XX. 

Check his photographs from his official website, and they will take your breath away. 

Tabisora (たびそら)
(in Japanese language, but photographs go beyond any barriers, you know)

In spite of all his immense passions expressed in each piece of work, his apparent personality is composed and calm, just like a quiet surface of the ocean before a storm. 

His primary subject of photographs is people in India, that is also common and straightforward rural locals. He likes to take pictures of the innocent and untouched expressions, joys, hard work, laughter and peaceful moments of the people whom we urban and so-called educated tend to forget or do not care. He sometimes captures cute little children smiling, other times strong, bold and masculine workers; I feel he loves to save the moment of people, animals, and nature touching each other. In every picture, you will see every face expression is so broad, yet tender and bright like the sunlight shining in the sky above India equally to everyone. 

His workshop in Fukuoka consisted of three parts; one was his photo presentation and the introduction of the people en route his journey, including Rohingya people in Myanmar. Another two parts were the photographing technique classes, where he shared his diamond secrets of taking the best shots of the lively life in photographs and tuning them to the art piece, using the RAW method, Lighthouse, etc. He told us that newer models of cameras are always better for an amateur to use, and recommended a few of the best cameras to buy, the cheapest was as low as 35,000 yen. Obviously, the SONY camera he uses costs more than 300,000 yen.  

Lastly, the venue of his workshops was Nepali restaurant MAiTiiGHAR in Kego, central Fukuoka. I had Nepali Ice Beer, Momo and Nepali style of Tandoor Chicken pieces; all were yummy and excellent. Moreover, the owner was friendly and welcoming. I want to visit again and recommend anyone in Fukuoka who misses South Asian flavor. 


Nepali tandoor chicken with a kick of lemon juice. Yummy.

Yakuin Mutsukado crossing, near the venue.

Masashi Mitsui on SNS

Lovely Yamaguchi couple in Fukuoka who helped his event to be held successful.

Mitsui-san's report about his Fukuoka workshop on his Facebook page.

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