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Posted on 19 Aug 2016 23:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

On the birthday of ASKSiddhi, here is exciting news for those who want to enjoy the international exchange being in Pune!

Coming soon is the August Tea Party on Sunday 28th August, the place where people can enjoy the international exchanges being in Pune! 

There were quite a few recommendations for the venue from different friends, and I decided to go with the idea came from Ms Helga Esperanca from IPWS (International Professional Women’s Society) after visiting the place on the last weekend!

Date and time: 28th August (Sun.) 3:30 PM
Kargo, Koregaon Park (Link to Zomato page)


It is cosy, neat and perfectly located in front of Anokhi, Koregaon Park Lane 5. Moreover, staffs are also polite and friendly. You will walk in the venue and order what you like, so the people from the restaurant will charge you the food and drink on the spot.

Another fantastic news, Van-san from Congo is bringing around 15 of his friends from his international students' circle! What a wonderful and I am very much looking forward to mingling with all of them!

From babies to adults, from Indian to foreigners, all who are internationally minded or who have international backgrounds are welcome! I am grateful if you could register yourself for one of the following groups so it would be easier for me to count the number of participants:

+ Facebook August Tea Party public page (open invitation is enabled)
+ Facebook Pune International Tea Party group page
+ Meetup August Tea Party invitation page

While I am hosting this kind of international lunch or tea party events since around 2007, we are very fortunate as each time very friendly, merry and kind people join us, and nobody will be left alone. Tea Party is the place where you can feel free and casually enjoy the international exchange. 

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First floor of the restaurant

The ground floor, there likely to be our space!?

Yummy mushed potato and turkey dish, with Kaiware (radish sprouts)

Close look of the Kaiware dish


Caramel cheesecake with rose syrup

Outside of the restaurant

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