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Posted on 20 Jun 2016 23:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

Thanks to the ever increase of inbound tourists to Japan, many signs and notices are ready with multilingual version.

However, as far as English signs concerned, many of them had needed a native check before printing and placing, if the owner of the place could not afford to hire a linguist! 

For me, it has become another entertaining moment of encountering such funny signs in Japan wherever I go. And this time, I realised Huis Ten Bosch (and Hotel Lorelei we have stayed) is the treasure house of them!

"Please wait here in a moment."

"To those wearing high-heels, wearing shoes
with bad footing patrons that do not they can climp stairs.
pleaes be aware that there are stairs inside which you will have to climb.
What what?? "Patron"?
What are we supposed to do to "climp stairs" and "climb" in a haunted house??

"Horror Toilet," an example of just converting Katakana expression into alphabet.

"Please note it!!
Please close and use the door when you use the bathroom.
The fire alarm will operate by the steam of the shower.
Another direct word-to-word conversion from Japanese.

Please shut the door when you take a bath. 
Because hot air of the bath room makes a fire alarm ring.
Afraid of taking the shower if "hot air" is expected.

Perhaps for some more time, my job will be secured ;)

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