Koba Saketen, Definitely My Favourite Kaku-uchi Place!


Posted on 20 May 2016 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

My dear friend whom I met in Pune and now in Ireland visited me in the last itinerary of her exciting 10-day Japan trip, and we had this memorable time with another friend of mine from Fukuoka.

Fidanka is one of my proud friends who always quest for the best for her life and career, my role model. When she left India about two years ago, I was not expecting we would meet again this soon! When we met at Shinkansen gate at Hakata Station, I felt she had never changed a bit, equally young and energy as we met last! 

As one of her wishes was to experience "only Japanese styles" during her trip, I decided to take help from my powerful local friend in Fukuoka Richiko, and she took us to this fantastic Kaku-uchi bar "Koba Saketen" located at Yakuin, near Tenjin. 

Kaku-uchi is the standing style of reasonably rated Izakaya, where we can enjoy many different types of liquors, including sake, beers, wines, shochu, almost at the market value. At Koba Saketen, they serve delicious home-made starters, and customers gathering are also well-mannered yet friendly enough to enjoy light conversations, so we don't feel any tiredness of standing all the time and even tend to stay longer than expected! Such a cozy jewel of Fukuoka's drinking scene! If you feel confused about what to order from Japanese hand-written menus on the wall, you can ask anyone around you to help you choose the right one by telling your favorite ingredients; I am sure people will enjoy guiding you.

Koba Saketen (こば酒店)
1-12-8, Yakuin,
Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Tel: 092-741-1504

After Kaku-uchi, we went to Yatai stalls at Nakasu, the typical night scene of Fukuoka, where enjoyed Ramen, Gyoza and surely bottles of Asahi beer!

Our girly night was concluded with San-ji-kai (the third party) at a bar MYMON in Hakata station AMUPLAZA's Kuu-ten 9F, to fulfill Fidanka's wish to enjoy Yamazaki 18-year whiskey! It satisfied her taste bud, who came from the land of Irish whiskey. Now I am looking forward to enjoying Jameson, the bottle she brought me all the way through her trip, hats-off indeed! It was a rich night by heart and stomach both!

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