Day Two in Osaka - A Quick Visit To India Mela, Kobe


Posted on 06 Nov 2019 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

I wish someday the India Mela occupies the whole Meriken Park.

My friend A-san from Fukuoka was also coincidentally visiting Osaka for the occasion of India Mela, one of the oldest annual Indian events in Japan, and she invited us too. While we had limited time thus hardly saw the things very well there, I could accomplish my primary purposes to feel the air of Kobe's love towards India and Indian culture. My niece-in-law also could reunite with her friend from Delhi, who stays in Hyogo Prefecture as another intern under the same METI scheme. 

The venue was the sprawling Meriken Park facing the beautiful Port of Kobe. The weather was pleasant, the perfect for the abundant outdoor event like the Mela. On the top of the sky-scraping Kobe Tower, an Indian flag was flapping in the warm early November breeze. I saw many people were visiting and enjoying, including Indian people. We also spotted our beloved Mr. Kobayashi from the "Asia Hunter" participating in the event, as his shop keeps attracting crowds. 

But before visiting the India Mela, we dined at an exciting Indian Restaurant near the Sannomiya Station, thanks to A-san's dance friend S-san took us. I am going to write about it tomorrow.

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